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Exis Technologies launches IMDG Code e-learning Amendment 35-10 Refresher Course, 8 December 2011

Refresher -400Mandatory training for shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea is a requirement of the IMDG Code. Shore-side staff that require IMDG Code training include shippers, freight forwarders, container packers and consolidators, shipping line booking staff, stevedores, port and terminal operators. Exis has developed the computer-based training tool, IMDG Code e-learning, with the support of the International Maritime Organization and industry bodies to address the urgent need to train large numbers of staff worldwide economically and flexibly, but to a high standard. The course is in use by thousands of students worldwide. Exis has recently launched an IMDG Code e-learning "Refresher Course" to train staff in the changes from Amendment 34-08 of the IMDG Code to Amendment 35-10 and to provide a general refresh of the Code.

The Refresher Course will take the effort out of re-training for the new Amendment for those individuals that have already taken an Amendment 34-08 course, either online or classroom based. With prices starting at GBP 60 per student, and discounts for multiple purchases, it is a cost-effective way of ensuring that staff are up to date with the provisions of the IMDG Code. The course is available for the web and company intranets.

There are three levels of Amendment 35-10 IMDG Code e-learning training for shore side staff that have not received previous training, or for those individuals that wish to take the full course again:

- General awareness: for staff requiring a familiarisation with the IMDG Code requirements.

- Function-specific: for staff directly involved in dangerous goods transport. The function specific course configuration follows the recommended training needs in and of the IMDG Code.

- Advanced Course: in-depth training on all aspects of the IMDG Code.

The courses are available for the web, company intranet or as SCORM content for learning management systems.

IMDG Code e-learning is independently certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), one of the world's leading classification societies. The course is sponsored by the TT Club and supported by ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Association).