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Asia Tank Container Association adopt IMDG Code e-learning using a blended training approach, 2 May 2012

Image 013Asia Tank Container Association used IMDG Code e-learning in March to train students in a blended approach with classroom training.

The IMDG Code e-learning blended course has many benefits:-

- a high quality training solution - IMDG Code e-learning was developed with the support of the International Maritime Organization and is certified by DNV
- all students start their classroom training from the same consistent standard making the workshop sessions more productive and giving the student a better learning experience
- minimises disruption of staff being away from their jobs
- training costs are reduced
- accompanying classroom training can focus on local and national rules, company regulations and procedures in an interactive environment

Asia Tank Container Association (ATCA), based in Singapore, became a distributor of IMDG Code e-learning last year.  ATCA is a not-for-profit trade association, registered with the Republic of Singapore - Ministry of Home Affairs (Registry of Societies) since 24 May 2011.  One of its objectives is to develop training, guidelines and seminars to improve the overall technical capabilities in the tank container industry in Asia. 


IMDG Code e-learning blended training: