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Seatones Maritime Academy becomes new Exis Technologies distributor in Greater China, 2 May 2012

Seatones -logoExis Technologies is pleased to announce that Seatones Maritime Academy (SMA) has become a distributor. SMA, based in Shanghai, P.R. China, will be marketing and supporting IMDG Code e-learning and Hazcheck Systems within Greater China alongside their other training & consulting activities.

One of the founders of SMA, Mr. Charlie Luan, used to take on responsibilities for professional development training and international cooperation development for the Shanghai International Shipping Institute(SISI). SMA was established in June 2011 as an independent training and consulting organization in shipping, port and maritime field. As always SMA keeps strategic partnerships with SISI and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU).

Exis is developing strategic partnerships with Asian companies, and SMA is the first strategic partner in Greater China. Dangerous goods shipments are increasing in the region, and there is a need to work with local companies to increase knowledge about mis-declared cargo and poorly packed containers.

埃克斯科技(Exis Technologies)很高兴地宣布,西东海事研究院(Seatones Maritime Academy)成为大中华区的代理机构。西东海事研究院位于中华人民共和国上海市,将负责埃克斯科技在此地区的所有产品的市场销售及应用支持,包括国际海运危险品规则在线学习(IMDG Code e-learning)以及危险品在线检验系统(Hazcheck Systems),作为其核心的培训及咨询业务的有效补充之一。

西东海事研究院的创始人之一 - 栾长清先生,曾经服务于上海国际航运研究中心(Shanghai International Shipping Institute),并负责职业发展培训及国际合作拓展。西东海事研究院成立于2011年6月,是一家根植于航运、港口及海事领域的独立的培训及咨询机构。并一如既往地保持与上海国际航运研究中心与上海海事大学的战略合作伙伴关系。

埃克斯(Exis) 一直致力发展与亚洲公司的战略伙伴关系,西东海事研究院是其在大中华地区的第一家战略合作伙伴。在此区域,危险品的运输量正逐步上升,帮助当地公司掌握危险品运输的知识,并减少货物的误申报及提供专业的包装指导,是当下需要解决的迫切问题。

Seatones Maritime Academy 西东海事研究院

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