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IMDG Code 37-14 December 2015 Errata, 22 December 2015

The Errata changes are mostly minor printing corrections or updates to the new versions of other publications referred to.

Amongst the substantive changes which will affect those shipping or carrying particular items:-

  • UN 0219 and 1439 change their segregation codes to SG31 (lead and its compounds) and SG75 (strong acids) respectively, reverting to their Amendment 36 requirements.
  • UN 2008 packing group I is given codes H1 and SG26 in columns 16a and 16b, which matches the entries for the other packing groups.
  • UN 2653 is given code SW1 'protected from sources of heat'.
  • UN 2845 no longer has provision PP31
  • UN 3082 changes tank provision TP2 to TP1
  • UN 3089 packing group III changes stowage category from B to A, so is now permitted under deck on passenger sailings.
  • The spillage emergency schedules for UN 0285 and 1826 have changed, and 3508 is given one.
  • In packing instruction P200, UN 1058 has different requirements.
  • Packing instruction P802 is corrected.
  • In IBC instructions IBC07 and IBC08 which are for solids, types 31* designed for liquids may also be used.
  • Belgium, France and the Republic of Korea have updated their contact details in 7.9.3.

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