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Amendment 38-16 IMDG Code e-learning Refresher course now available, 9 January 2017


Amdt 38-16 Refresher course certificate

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new IMDG Code e-learning Amdt 38- 16 Refresher course.

The course provides a recap of the main IMDG Code provisions and includes an update on Amendment 38-16 for personnel who have already been trained online, or in the classroom, and have previous knowledge of the IMDG Code's provisions.

Amendment 38-16 of the IMDG Code can be used voluntarily from 1 January 2017 and becomes mandatory on 1 January 2018. 2017 is a transition year when either Amdt 37-14 (the current Amendment) or Amdt 38-16 can be used. See the Amendment cycle.

Course benefits

· Cost-effective, quality training course
· Fast update on the latest Amendment - no need to take the whole course again
· Flexible online training with course completion certificate for training records
· Developed in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization

The course is GBP 77 for the first ten courses purchased, with a multiple copy discount from 11 courses upwards. The course is open book so access to the IMDG Code is required to answer some of the questions. We can provide digital access to the IMDG Code for an additional GBP 35 per student. The access allows the student to hyperlink to the relevant parts of the IMDG Code from the course screens.

For further information and to purchase please go to: /hazcheck-systems/refresher-course-38-16.aspx

Additional updated IMDG Code e-learning courses will be launched over the next few months, beginning with the Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness course  /hazcheck-systems/dangerous-goods-transport-general-awareness.aspx

The full list of IMDG Code e-learning courses that will be updated to Amendment 38-16 is available here: /hazcheck-systems/imdg-code-e-learning-37-14.aspx