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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea

United Arab Shipping Company

Uasc -imageUnited Arab Shipping Company has created strong and long lasting links between the Arab world and the rest of the globe. Now connecting the Middle East with North and South America, Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia and Australasia, UASC is building on its commitment to quality service, reliability and customer satisfaction.  

UASC selected the Hazcheck Enterprise DG cargo management system in conjunction with Hazcheck Gateway internet DG booking portal. Together these leading systems support UASC's global operations and ensure continuous regulatory compliance, efficient cargo processing and operational safety.

Capt. Haitham Jamil Alkaddour is the Senior Manager of UASC's Central Dangerous Cargo department. 'We have been using Hazcheck Enterprise and the Gateway internet DG booking portal for more than five years. We find it very friendly and easy, even for the around 200 users from all over the world who all started after simple training.

From my side as Head of DG I do appreciate that using this system to check and give the DG approval makes my job easier with the large amounts of bookings we receive daily.

I also do appreciate the Hazcheck support team's fast response when we have any problems'. 

capt haitham

Hazcheck Enterprise is the most powerful and comprehensive DG booking and management system available for global containership operations. From initial DG acceptance checks through to interfacing with ship planning, it meets the demands of high-volume multi-leg schedules.

Hazcheck Gateway  is the web-based validation tool for container shipping lines, ferry operators, logistics companies and ports to check dangerous goods shipments by sea for compliance with IMDG Code and 49CFR provisions and any pre-entered port, operator and vessel restrictions.