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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


Interferry, originally formed in 1976 as the International Marine Transit Association, is the only shipping association representing the ferry industry world-wide. There are currently 225 members (representing approximately 600 individuals) from 38 countries.  Exis Technologies is an Interferry member and in recent years has been invited to present at Annual Interferry conferences.

In addition to facilitating networking amongst its members at the annual conference, Interferry represents the industry regarding regulatory matters. To fulfill this role Interferry has attained Consultative Status at the International Maritime Organization and Observer Status at the European Community Shipowners Association.

Interferry supports the following principles:

  • Safety of passengers, crew, cargo and ships; adherence to safety regulations;
  • Free, fair and open competition;
  • Fair and equitable shipping regulations, consistently applied; and
  • Protection of the natural environment; adherence to environmental regulations