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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


Hazcheck Detect

Hazcheck Detect is a cargo screening solution which scans all booking details for keywords, validates against rules and highlights suspicious bookings to identify misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods (DG) and other compliance cargo.

It allows non-compliant cargo to be detected within seconds rather than days. This immediate response avoids such cargo from being loaded onto a ship thereby avoiding the risk of fires at sea. 

Undeclared DG - These checks focus on cargo that is not declared as DG, looking for suspicious items that perhaps should be declared as DG.

Misdeclared DG - These checks focus on cargo which is declared as DG, but perhaps may not have been declared as the correct DG.

Complex Queries - Most queries are viable using the query syntax, but some may have additional complexity, or may require the ability to lookup external data, such as DG info, substance indexes, etc.

Data - The following Data will be held in a standard library to be updated and maintained by Exis – all other Libraries to be updated and supplied by users (Customer data)

Industry group can agree to share standard libraries with common terms.

•Proper shipping names

•Substance variants

•Substance index names

•Limited set of technical names organic peroxides / self-reacting substance data

Further details can be found in the Hazcheck Detect Functional Overview document in the Resources & Support section