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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


Hazcheck Enterprise


  • Simplifies and speeds dangerous goods processing
  • Increases efficiency and enhances customer service - instant and accurate
  • Supports staff in checking and complying with the IMDG Code
  • Can be integrated with corporate booking systems
  • Handles partner line bookings
  • Updated and maintained in line with IMDG Code Amendments and errata
  • Reduces error, improves efficiency and operational safety


Hazcheck Enterprise is the most powerful and comprehensive dangerous goods booking and management system available for global shipping lines.

From initial dangerous goods acceptance checks through to interfacing with ship planning, Hazcheck Enterprise meets the demands of high-volume multi-leg sailings.

When integrated with Hazcheck Gateway internet booking it eliminates slow, costly re-keying of technical data and supports operations staff at every stage of dangerous goods processing.

Hazcheck Enterprise generates reports and industry-standard EDI messages for port notification and partner-line operations.  

Further information

Hazcheck Enterprise is supplied on an annual licence basis, normally on an initial three year term, which includes support and maintenance of IMDG Code data in line with the current Amendment of the Code. 

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Hazcheck Enterprise