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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


Hazcheck Toolkits


  • Outsourcing expertise - detailed knowledge of IMDG Code, 49 CFR, ADR, TDG and RID regulations not required as Hazcheck Toolkits offers 'off the shelf' routines for inhouse developers.
  • Fast implementation - implement the integration of the dangerous goods module into your system much quicker.  Customers have reduced development time from two years to six months or less.
  • Peace of mind - customers can concentrate on their overall IT system, not specific requirements such as the dangerous goods functionality  
  • Quality assured data - Hazcheck Toolkits validation system has been in use for over ten years, and has been constantly improved based on user feedback
  • Current data - we supply an updated Toolkit whenever there is an update to the regulations


Dangerous goods data packages and routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling and planning systems.

Many corporate system developments incorporate Hazcheck Toolkits data and programs to achieve fast, cost-effective implementation and the highest standards of functionality and accuracy.

Hazcheck Toolkits delivers dangerous goods validation functionality in 'building blocks' for integration into existing or developing systems.

Data files are available in Microsoft Access, CSV files or fixed format. Additional fields and formats on request
Toolkits are available via the following methods:-

- Hazcheck Web Service - web service hosted by Exis or the customer
- a Windows DLL written in C# , for .NET users
- a Windows DLL written in C, for calling from other languages
- Java class files for non-windows applications

For each toolkit a small sample program is provided, with source code, to demonstrate calling the routines. The toolkits are self-contained and do not depend on other third-party products or access to external servers. The C# and Java versions are thread-safe, and can be called from a multi-threaded server application. 

The IMDG Coded Variant List (CVL) is supplied by Exis Technologies as a free resource to assist companies in exchanging IMDG Code information in EDI messages such as BAPLIE and IFTMBF.  Download it here.

Further information

All data and routines are supplied under licence that includes maintenance in line with the current Amendment of the IMDG Code, and can be used to provide dual amendment functionality in a transition year.   


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Hazcheck Toolkits