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IMDG Code e-learning 37-14

We offer a range of IMDG Code e-learning courses tailored to job function.  We are in the process of updating all of our courses to Amdt 38-16 of the IMDG Code.  Please see the list of those available now.

The list of courses below offers training on Amdt 37-14 of the IMDG Code.  Amdt 38-16 versions will be available shortly.  Amdt 37-14 versions of the training can be taken now and then Refresher training can be completed later in the year.

Amdt 37-14 IMDG Code function-specific training courses: 

IMDG Code - Advanced course (Click here to buy)

This course is aimed at personnel who require detailed training on all the main aspects of the IMDG Code provisions e.g. dangerous goods managers, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers
(GBP 97 for first ten courses, discount for 11 or more) 

IMDG Code access - students require access to the IMDG Code to take the course, either in book or digital format.  We offer digital access for an additional GBP 35 per course.  This allows students to automatically hyperlink to the relevant parts of the IMDG Code from their course screens.

We recommend that IMDG Code e-learning courses are viewed using Internet Explorer 9 and upwards.