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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


IMDG Code e-learning


  • Compliance - meets the mandatory training requirements in the IMDG Code for all those involved in the transport of dangerous goods by sea
  • Cost-effective: typically a fraction of expensive classroom time and less disruptive than absence from work
  • Safety - produced by dangerous goods transport specialists
  • Efficiency - delivers consistent training standards across global operations, especially relevant to corporate quality assurance programmes
  • Up to date - the course is updated in line with Amendment and Errata changes
  • Certificate - assessment throughout the course and final course completion certificate provided as record of training
  • IMDG Code e-learning has been assessed and certified against DNV GL Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes.

IMDG Code training is mandatory for all shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea. Exis has developed a cost-effective training tool, in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization, which enables shore side staff such as shippers and forwarders, container packers and consolidators, shipping line operations and booking staff, port staff, cargo surveyors and executives/managers to receive high quality training that complies with the latest IMDG Code training requirements.

The following levels of training are available to meet this mandatory training requirement: multimodal general awareness, IMDG Code function specific, advanced and refresher.  

Courses are accessed over the internet with a pc, laptop or tablet device (iPad, Android or Windows).  We also offer SCORM content packages developed to the SCORM 1.2 standard for import into SCORM-compliant learning management systems.


IMDG Code Refresher 40-20 course now available
IMDG Code Standard 40-20 course now available

BUY Amendment 39-18 courses

  • Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness (English and Spanish versions available)
  • IMDG Code Consignor/Freight Forwarder
  • IMDG Code Packer/Cargo Handler
  • IMDG Code Ship Loader
  • IMDG Code Ship Operator
  • IMDG Code Refresher
  • IMDG Code Advanced

Additional modules covering the interface with other dangerous goods regulations are also available.  These modules assume that the student has previous knowledge of the IMDG Code provisions and/or is taking the modules at the same time as one of the IMDG Code courses.  Currently Exis provides modules on 49 CFR and ADR.  The 49 CFR module looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions; the ADR module looks at the additional ADR provisions and considerations applicable to a combined road/sea journey when following the IMDG Code provisions. 

Other language versions

Spanish Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness course now available

Blended learning 

IMDG Code e-learning courses can be using in blended training packages, combined with classroom sessions.  This provides students with a cost-effective training package providing both detailed training on the IMDG Code and practical hands-on knowledge.  Please note that Exis does not provide the preparation of classroom materials or provide classroom teaching, just the e-learning courses to be used with it.

If you are an IMDG Code trainer, or a company that would like to incorporate online training into your in-house training programme, please contact us at