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IMDG Code Ship Loader

The IMDG Code Ship Loader course is for personnel responsible for and/or directly involved in ship loading/unloading operations.  It includes:

An introduction to the IMDG Code
• An overview of the IMDG Code general provisions
• An overview of dangerous goods classification and identification provisions
• An overview of packing requirements
• An overview on package marking and labelling requirements
• In-depth training on CTU marking and placarding requirements
• An overview of documentation requirements
• In-depth training on stowage requirements
• In-depth training on segregation requirements within a CTU
• In-depth training on the segregation requirements for CTUs containing dangerous goods when loaded on vessels
• An overview of the requirements for limited quantities and excepted quantities shipments
• Training on incident and fire prevention in port and onboard ship
• An overview of additional provisions concerning transport including emergency response provisions 

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Yes Temporary digital access to the IMDG Code will enable you to hyperlink to the relevant part of the IMDG Code from within your course screens. Access costs GBP 35 per student and is for 3 months. It can be used with the course only. If you are purchasing more than 28 courses access will be on quotation
Yes The system can be purchased with an additional 49 CFR module (GBP 32 per student)
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