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D20AThe IMO-Vega Database (V20.0), 2015700
DH110ESOLAS on CD (V8.0), 201180
D025EAssembly Resolutions on CD (V8.0) 200895
 The IMO Bookshelf (Also available as a download)-
Web Subscriptions (12 and 3 months)GBP
S110ESolas on the Web (renew GBP 50)99
SP110ESolas Plus on the Web (renew GBP 75)199
S520EMARPOL on the Web99
SVEGAIMO Vega on the Web (renew GBP 350 p/a)700
Electronic SalesGBP
ZH110EElectronic SOLAS for download, 201180
Z18AElectronic IMO-Vega Database for download, 2013 edition700
E-reader publicationsGBP
KF110ESolas, Consolidated Edition 201490
KE110FSolas, Consolidated Edition 2009 French Edition75
KE110SSolas, Consolidated Edition 2009 Spanish Edition75
KF260EIMSBC Code and Supplement 2012 Edition50
KD520EMARPOL Consolidated Edition 201165
KD520FMARPOL Consolidated Edition 2011 French Edition 65
KD520SMARPOL Consolidated Edition 2011 Spanish Edition65
KD927EShips' Routeing 2013 Edition120
KC938ESTCW, 2011 Consolidated Edition (English)40
KC938FSTCW, 2011 Consolidated Edition (French)40
KC938SSTCW, 2011 Consolidated Edition (Spanish)40
KH960EIAMSAR Vol 1, 2013 Edition (English)25
KE961EIAMSAR Vol 2, 2013 Edition (English)50
KH962EIAMSAR Vol 3, 2013 Edition (English)50
IG970EGMDSS Manual, 2015 Edition105
EE110Ae-book: SOLAS consolidated arabic edition 200975
EE110Ce-book: SOLAS consolidated chinese edition 200975
EH960Se-book: IAMSAR Manual - Volume 1, 2013 Spanish edition25
EE961Se-book: IAMSAR Manual - Volume 2, 2013 Spanish edition50
EH962Se-book: IAMSAR Manual - Volume 3, 2013 Spanish edition50
EH960Fe-book IAMSAR Manual - Volume 1, 2013 French edition25
EE961Fe-book IAMSAR Manual - Volume 2, 2013 French edition50
EH962Fe-book IAMSAR Manual - Volume 3, 2013 French edition50