Assembly Resolutions on CD (V8.0) 2008

The IMO Resolutions database contains recommendations and codes that have been formally adopted by IMO's governing body, the Assembly, in the form of resolutions. The resolutions are published in book form after each session of the Assembly. The contents of 26 printed volumes, comprising over 5900 pages of text, diagrams and photographs, have been set in version 9.0 so that the relevant texts can be found by subject category, year, session and number. Version 9.0 of the database contains all Assembly resolutions from the 1st Assembly (1959) to the 26th (2009) in English. A linking system is available so that the user can easily move from one resolution to another that has revoked it. The database contains images of the original printed pages of all resolutions, which can be displayed on screen and printed. Updates: The database will be updated every two years, after further IMO Assembly resolutions are adopted.

English D025E
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