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IMO publishes Errata for IMDG Code (Amdt 36-12), 23 December 2013

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently published an Errata which makes editorial corrections to the English version of the IMDG Code (Amendment 36-12, as adopted by resolution MSC.328(90)).  Amendment 36-12 of the IMDG Code will be mandatory from 1 January 2014.

Overview of changes

  • A significant change concerns the segregation of group 1.4S explosives in limited quantity from explosives of compatibility groups A and L. Even when they are in limited quantity they are still not permitted in the same compartment, hold, or CTU as the group A or L explosives.
  • For transporting 1386 SEED CAKE, the reference in column 16 of the DGL to the ventilation provisions should read, not
  • In packing instruction P903(4) for lithium metal and lithium ion batteries in equipment, UN Nos 3091 and 3480, devices such as RFID tags which are intentionally active are not required to meet standards ensuring they do not interfere with aircraft systems.
  • The errata makes two corrections to the printed Dangerous Goods list. The '"separated from" acids' requirement should have been shown against 2795 BATTERIES, WET, FILLED WITH ALKALI rather than 2794 BATTERIES, WET, FILLED WITH ACID. Special provision 967should not have been shown against the packing group II variant of 3378 SODIUM CARBONATE PEROXYHYDRATE. SP 967 concerns the use of BK3 bulk containers, and the packing group II variant does not permit them. This latter error was also present in the electronic versions.

Please go to our IMDG Support website for a full list of the corrections