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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea

Exis Technologies launches new web service for dangerous goods validation and data integration, 24 June 2015

Exis Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of a new web service which allows companies to integrate the most current dangerous goods regulations into computer-based systems.  Hazcheck Web Service is a web API based version of Hazcheck Toolkits, a set of dangerous goods data packages and routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling, ERP and planning systems (for example, SAP and Oracle EBS) that have been used globally by container lines and ports over the past ten years.  It offers IMDG Code compliance and the additional provisions and/or variations applicable when using the 49 CFR, ADR, TDG and RID regulations with the IMDG Code.

The 'off the shelf' web solutions offered by Hazcheck Web Service are:

  • Dangerous goods list database: check data including UN numbers, proper shipping names, variants, classes, sub-risks, packaging and flashpoints. Wildcard searches supported.
  • Segregation/stowage routines: calculate the segregation requirements between containers/vehicles containing incompatible dangerous goods or segregation within CTUs.  Identify if shipments are permitted on or under deck on cargo, passenger ships, in tanks, limited and excepted quantities.
  • Packaging routines: check that commodities are shipped in compliant packages and do not exceed maximum permitted weight or capacity.
  • Restrictions and prohibitions: check against customer specific, vessel or location restrictions as entered on a case by case basis.

Hazcheck Web Service provides service oriented access to the functionality of Hazcheck Toolkits using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).  

James Douglas, Director, Exis Technologies commented: "Hazcheck Web Service allows companies to outsource expertise; Exis has been supplying Hazcheck Toolkits for integration into existing systems for over ten years. Detailed knowledge of global transport regulations, which are very varied and complex, is not required by in-house staff.  Data can be integrated quickly and efficiently, dramatically reducing system development time. As Hazcheck Web Service is updated regularly in line with the changes to the regulations, customers always have the most up to date information to hand."

Further information about the Hazcheck Web Service is available here: Hazcheck Web Service