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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


IMDG Code substance enquiry

  • Display key information on any substance or article listed in the IMDG Code
  • Check if shipments are allowed on passenger or cargo-only sailings
  • Substance name lookup in English

Stowage and segregation validation check

Check that substances loaded together in a container or vehicle (CTU) comply with the stowage and segregation requirements of the IMDG Code, including, at primary and subsidiary risk level, substance-specific requirements and chemical group prohibitions

Packaging check

  • Easy to use packaging checks and options, including inner and outer packaging limits and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) types
  • Display Limited Quantity options
  • Display relevant portable tank container and road tank vehicle types

Manage dangerous goods booked to sailings 

  • Check bookings against all IMDG Code and pre-entered operator, ship and port restrictions
  • Validate restrictions for bookings and voyages
  • Import and validate IFTMBF EDI partner messages and send APERAK acknowledgements
  • Send email booking confirmations (accepted, pending/query, rejected)
  • Consolidate and validate less than container loads
  • Interface with ship planning systems via COPRAR messages for correct stowage and segregation
  • Import IFTSAI EDI sailings schedule


  • Produce dangerous goods manifests
  • Send IFTDGN EDI messages to ports for declaring cargo on board
  • Produce statistics on dangerous goods carried
  • Produce a variety of operational reports including call planners report to allow ship planners to pre-stow dangerous goods containers, and booking summary to send to partners at vessel closure



System requirements:


  • Windows 2003 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later
  • Minimum 100 Mb free hard disk space for system and data files


  • Windows 2003+/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Minimum 20 Mb free hard disk space