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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


  • Container Line user will call the Hazcheck Detect (HCD) web service with results exposed to Container Line Users Only,  Exis will support Container Line to create the calls with consultancy support (as set out in this service order).
  • Calls to the HCD web service will queue a scan to run , and then return an acknowledgement. Scan will be immediately processed in real time.  Scan results will be determined by the keyword/rules entered by Container Line, Industry group or those provided by Exis.
  • Libraries and Data provided by Exis
  • Container Line handles all existing internal interfaces.
  • HCD cargo screening service will be the method for integration of screening results into Container Line internal systems.
  • Exis is not responsible for case management.
  • Exis to provide web user interface so that users can enter and maintain data search terms/keyword/rules, such Container Line data is not provided by Exis.
  • Where the Industry group agrees common/standard keywords/ rules these will be available to all users of HCD.
  • Scan input and output to be stored for up to 1 month for diagnostic purposes.
  • Optionally scan results and/or new keywords can reported the CINS system