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Compliance software for dangerous goods transport by sea


  • The data can be supplied as a Microsoft Access database, or in other formats e.g. Excel, comma-separated and quote-delimited text. 
  • This core data can be supplemented with the packing provisions, emergency response schedules and special provisions supplied as HTML files
  • The data is maintained in line with the current IMDG Code Amendment, including both Amendments during a transition year, and also any interim errata updates
  • In addition to the IMDG Code data, the equivalent data from the Hazmat 101 table in 49 CFR can also be supplied. It is available in a separate table, or fully integrated with the IMDG Code data, and includes all additional 49 CFR PSNs and variants.  See below for 49 CFR data features.
  • The ADR dangerous goods list can be supplied as another table, and also includes the Emergency Action Codes as used under the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Segregation and packaging routines are available enabling automatic validation of shipments to be built into your system
  • We can also supply Spanish language DGL data - please contact for further information

49 CFR data features

  • The data has the same record structure (i.e. all common fields, all IMDG specific fields and all 49 CFR specific fields) for all entries
  • Each record is flagged as IMDG only, 49 CFR only or IMDG & 49 CFR
  • RQ values are added to the DGL entry for PSNs that match with a name in the 49 CFR Reportable Quantity (RQ) table (172.101 Table 1 Appendix A)
  • Records for PSNs that match with a name in the 49 CFR Marine Pollutant table (172.101 Appendix B) are identified as marine pollutant or a severe marine pollutant
  • Additional information linked from either the 172.101 table or DGL can also be supplied in html files - for example, packing instructions
  • A combined table containing a full list of PSNs and also alternative names (synonyms, secondary names, initials, abbreviations of names, etc) is also available